What We Believe

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." - A.W. Tozer

Core Values

At First United Methodist Church of DeLand we believe that there are 6 principles which intentionally make a healthy and spiritually mature church.


We consider our congregation to be a “family”. Families consist of all persons, united through a connected relationship, and we are connected through our common love for our Lord. Our goal is that every person who becomes a part of our family will find their connection, and no one will ever feel alone in the midst of many. Our United Methodist Men and Women, small groups, senior activities and youth fellowship are some of the ministries that provide opportunities to belong.


We believe in “The Great Commission”, and our congregation commits to becoming disciple-makers. Our goal is for all persons who are a part of our family to be a disciple-maker “in action”, growing and learning to be like Christ. Toward this end, we have disciple-maker training, Bible study groups, Sunday School for all ages, and weekly Wednesday night meetings for study and fellowship.


Our congregation covenants with one another to be a people of God whose primary source of power and strength comes from a commitment to prayer. We believe nothing can be accomplished until God’s people have spent time in prayer seeking His will and guidance. We endeavor to guide people to discover the power that lies in direct communication with our Lord. Intercessory prayer meetings are held every Wednesday, and an e-mail prayer chain is in place.


We believe in exceeding our own personal boundaries to touch all those we encounter. As a church, we strive to reach out to others wherever we find them and positively influence their lives with God’s love. Our Mercy Hour serves those in need every Tuesday afternoon, providing a safe haven as well as spiritual and practical guidance. Mission teams make trips to assist and encourage in many areas throughout the Southeast and internationally. This also includes community outreach events like regularly volunteering at the Interfaith Kitchen, and finding ways to meet the needs of families in our community.


This congregation commits to a lifestyle of ministry, striving to be like Jesus as servants -- inside our church, our local communities, and beyond. We believe each person has a unique gift to be used in service, and we commit to an attitude that seeks to give rather than to receive and to serve rather than to be served. Some of the ways we serve to bring glory to God include answering requests from our congregation for help with difficult chores around the home, providing assistance to new mothers, and helping with meals and transportation for those recovering from illness or surgery. We also have a Disaster Team which is equipped and ready for emergencies.


We believe that God has called His people to gather in worship to give Him glory and praise, and it is our desire to provide a variety of worship experiences which will reach all people. We proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of all humankind, and we will seek to reach those who are a part of the family of God as well as those who are disconnected from His family. We will convey the scriptural truth that eternal life begins at the moment a person accepts God’s grace in response to the saving love of Jesus. We have both traditional and contemporary worship services as well as a vibrant music ministry.

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